Beginner’s Mind




The CFA Institute asked us for 2 half-days in their London offices to deliver some 2.5 hour ‘Introduction to Mindfulness’ workshops. We supplemented this with 2 hours of 15 minute 1:1 sessions for people to explore the practicalities of establishing a mindfulness practice both formally and informally. 

There was great feedback after the first afternoon, with many of those attendees reporting back the following week that they had already noticed an enhanced awareness, a calmness, an increased focus and a strong inclination to continue to explore the development of an ongoing personal practice.

Our clients said:

Kate Lander, Head, Education, EMEA: “As a strong believer in the importance of physical wellbeing, I found Louise’s session on mindfulness a fascinating insight into how important mental wellbeing is; especially against the challenges of technology and the pace of modern life. As an ex-banker myself, I found her personal experiences and journey particularly interesting and the session was a great mix of explanation and practical application”

Steve Horan, Managing Director & Co-Lead, Education: “Louise’s session provided a gateway into an alternative way of experiencing the world and people around us in an approachable, accessible, and nonthreatening manner.  In addition to providing balance to one’s own life and work, it lays the foundation for effective leadership that promotes conscious choices over reactive impulses and a purposeful work environment for effect teams.”


For HR, Diversity and Wellness professionals

The recent Mindfulness programme for senior Talent, Leadership and HR professionals from 12 different corporates, hosted by Barclays at their head offices in Canary Wharf, received excellent feedback from all attendees, who scored it very highly, with many positive comments explaining the powerful benefits they had experienced:

  • Felt a change in my approach to life and work…have tools & techniques to use in the future. Useful to help me take time to think carefully, so the solutions that I come up with are better.
  • Being more aware of myself and others. Fantastic opportunity to have started this journey.
  • Increased focus and ability to handle ‘overload’. Excellent, clear materials, CDs, hand-outs, emails etc. Program design very good. Teachers are great role models.
  • Building new habits to cope with what life throws at you in a much more resilient way.
  • Raised awareness of when emotions take over has resulted in understanding that I have more possibilities.
  • Raised awareness of reactions, habits and emotions. Much more effective at responding to challenging emails and difficult work situations.
  • Learnt to focus on the ‘now’ when faced with so much to do and to pause before reacting so that the work I produce is of much higher quality overall.

For Teams

The Leading Hotels of the World asked us to help them with the integration of two teams, who had the additional challenge of working over a wide geographic region.

We ran an Empowerment Workshop for them as part of their integration off-site and then all team members participated in the Mindfulness is Now 4-week Introduction to Mindfulness course.

Our client wrote:

Mindfulness or awareness  for what we do or indeed how we react to situations and circumstances is critical in business.  When working for The Leading Hotels of the World, managing and  leading a culturally diverse senior team from two continents, I engaged Mindfulness at Work to run a 2 hour workshop, followed by their 4-week introduction course to put mindfulness into words and experiences my senior business leaders could understand.

The result was most powerful in as much that the EMEA Leadership Team was able to gain a new perspective of the power of mindfulness and how it in fact enhances employee engagement through awareness of self. Through simple practical exercises the power of mindfulness was internalised and then embodied by my team. Some of the Directors are now championing mindfulness with their own teams.

Thank you Mindfulness at Work!


The Director of Lettings for Strutt & Parker asked us to deliver two back-to-back courses for all of the London team. Most of them had limited or no knowledge or experience of Mindfulness practices. By the end of the 4-week ‘Mindfulness is Now’ course, they were fully equipped with the tools to practice Mindfulness on an ongoing basis both at work and outside the office.

Our client wrote:

Thank you for the last 4 weeks – it was never going to be an easy task bringing mindfulness to a room of estate agents mandated to attend this course. I think everyone benefited in different ways and most seemed to like the body scan and breathing practices.  Along with the background to mindfulness introduced at the beginning it was useful for Dr Davies, your trainer, to relate this to business and how this makes us even better at what we do in our working life.

I, for one, got a lot out of each week and I know my more senior team members did too. My team are all now fully equipped to apply the methods that you taught us so well. We have 4 months to go of our financial year and we’re all working very hard to keep the ball rolling especially post-Christmas. This couldn’t come at a better time!


The CEO of TRiBECA Knowledge asked us to deliver our 4-week MIN course to all of her London office. With a long-established Mindfulness practice of her own, she knew the benefits herself, but needed someone else to teach and inspire her colleagues.

Our client wrote:

“Just to say that several weeks after our ‘Mindfulness is Now’ training course, it seems the practices are still being observed and the atmosphere at Tribeca is better to best. So thank you!”


Large organisations

We offered our 4-week Mindfulness training course at the headquarters of SSP – the global food travel experts. This course was not mandated for staff, but take-up was high. The participants subsequently formed a mindfulness group to meet weekly over lunchtime.

Our clients wrote:

“Very well organised, got great value from awareness of breath, became aware of all the many activities I do on ‘automatic’. Usefulness of MIN programme 9/10, likelihood of continuing practice 10/10.”

“I have used the MIN programme to pull myself out of my numerous competing thoughts for a moment. I now have greater connection with myself and my surroundings.” to concentrate on a situation and deal with it. Helped me with sleeping too. Would like to try a longer course if available!”

 “Very sceptical at first but gained ability to concentrate on a situation and deal with it. Helped me with sleeping too. Would like to try a longer course if available!”