The World Wide Wander 2018

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Source: Street Wisdom We are very excited to announce our second World Wide Wander taking place Friday 14th to Sunday 16th September. This annual event is a chance to bring individuals together from all over the world for a weekend of wandering and wondering. It’s a chance to bring our global network together to strengthen communities, find wisdom […] … Read More

Ten Reasons to go for a Walk

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Source: Street Wisdom The pure and simple pleasure derived from going out for a walk is such that it requires no further justification. But should there be any doubt, this book gives us ten reasons – each as convincing as the next. Learning to walk is the primary occupation of the early years of our existence; thereafter it […] … Read More

Street Wisdom for Mental Health Awareness Week

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Source: Street Wisdom An important part of our remit at Street Wisdom is working towards ending the stigma of mental health in the workplace and support companies to deliver mental wellbeing to staff. Increasingly we’re working with companies who really care about mental health and creating a supportive environment for their employees to shine. That’s why this Mental […] … Read More

Snow Business with David Pearl

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Source: Street Wisdom So people often ask us if you need good weather to do a Street Wisdom.  And we like to say ‘bad weather’ is just an invitation to look at the city differently.  It’s Nature’s way of reminding us that the urban landscape is natural too. But even we had our doubts when the event we […] … Read More

VIVA Manchester Magazine interview David Pearl

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Source: Street Wisdom Within busy working lifestyles it’s often difficult to prioritise our physical and mental health; we book in for gym classes that we’re just too tired for after a hectic day, and New Year’s resolutions of less stress and more ‘me time’ seem a distant memory. David Pearl, founder of Street Wisdom, is on hand to […] … Read More

The Senses by Pietro Spadafora from the School for Communication Arts

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Source: Street Wisdom This morning I was wondering if my first “Street Wisdom” experience can improve me as a street photographer. The two activities resemble in many ways. They both put me into a state of meditation but the day spent with David Pearl (doing Street Wisdom) has additionally been constructive and has helped me to shed light […] … Read More


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Source: Street Wisdom After a successful run in London this summer, our partners in mindfulness are hosting their first ever show in Manchester on February 2nd and 3rd, 2018. And they’d love YOU to join them! Learn more about the benefits and practice of mindfulness and meditation with a range of inspiring expert speakers, interactive panels and tips from […] … Read More

How Street Wisdom is good for mental wellbeing

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Source: Street Wisdom Street Wisdom is a simple but powerful way of using your everyday environment to find answers and inspiration. It’s also the perfect way to find calm and focus on the busy urban streets. It’s a guided walking mindfulness experience and the perfect antidote if you’re feeling stressed, overwhelmed or just a little stuck… These are […] … Read More

1 Year Wander-versary

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Source: Street Wisdom Standing at the meet up point I had a sudden insight – not only was this event part of a World Wide Wander, a collection of groups exploring streets all over the world, but it was also an anniversary. This event marked the 1 year anniversary of Street Wisdom being held in Munich. I was […] … Read More