How Street Wisdom is good for mental wellbeing

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Source: Street Wisdom Street Wisdom is a simple but powerful way of using your everyday environment to find answers and inspiration. It’s also the perfect way to find calm and focus on the busy urban streets. It’s a guided walking mindfulness experience and the perfect antidote if you’re feeling stressed, overwhelmed or just a little stuck… These are […] … Read More

Finding answers in Vidracco

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Source: Street Wisdom Vidracco is a very small village, located at the entrance of Valchiusella, in the foothills of the Italian Alps. It has a long history: from its time as a Celtic settlement to becoming the seat of the Temples of Humankind, the underground work of art hidden in the mountain behind the village. The Temples, built […] … Read More

Meeting Street Wisdom


Source: Street Wisdom I had never heard about Street Wisdom, until the day I got a message about an event in Vela Luka, a small town on the island of Korčula, Croatia.  I knew straight away, I must be there! The day was warm but clouds threatened rain. So, I prepared myself and went along to the event. […] … Read More

Notting Hill: Connections and Reconnections

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Source: Street Wisdom The showers stopped and the sun was out for our wanderings in Notting Hill on Saturday 9th September.  Even before participants had arrived, I was making new and interesting connections, not least with Ada of The Tabernacle, who was making me a peppermint tea.  Our conversation started with my necklace, moved on to the Circle […] … Read More

Respuestas encriptadas

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Source: Street Wisdom Comencé mi preparación para facilitar Street Wisdom en Bilbao con un helado para activar mi sentido del gusto, sentido al que no le suelo prestar la atención que merece. El helado no sólo activó mi sentido del gusto, sino también la vista a través de los colores, el tacto frío, la textura y el olfato […] … Read More

Deshaciendo las barreras de la integración

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Source: Street Wisdom Como extranjera en Londres, Street Wisdom me ha ayudado a conectar con la ciudad, a dejar de verla como un lugar extraño en el que he establecido mi residencia, y verla como parte de mi hogar. Por ello decidí que para la World Wide Wander facilitaría un Street Wisdom en Español, con la intención de […] … Read More

A Street Wisdom Wander in Borough Market

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Source: Street Wisdom A Street Wisdom Wander in Borough Market.  8th September 2017. Despite the rather damp weather on this Friday morning, we still had nine intrepid and inquisitive wanderers gather together, at one of the entrances to Borough Market, London. This is the third time I have run a Street Wisdom walk in Borough Market, one of […] … Read More

Stories from Frome

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Source: Street Wisdom This a collection of stories from the Street Wisdom event held in Frome, Somerset as part of the World Wide Wander led by RSA Fellow, Brett Sadler. Firstly, thank you again for this interesting experience. I’m still pondering on it and expect that its full impact will unfold over time. It’s certainly a technique I […] … Read More

Sofia: Dialogue with the city

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Source: Street Wisdom We had a great #WorldWideWander day in Sofia, Bulgaria on September 10, 2017 with 18 participants, excellent weather and feeling of Sunday timelessness.   Gayane Minassian: “Street Wisdom and #WorldWideWander 2017 in Sofia was a magical and surprisingly rich experience. I literally “met” the answers to my questions (two questions initially and a third was added […] … Read More

When does the Street Wisdom experience start?

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Source: Street Wisdom Black Saturday afternoon. Shopping centre. A packed Bromley, with lots of people shopping all over the place, welcomed the Street Wisdom participants. Paying attention was a challenge with all the tempting items and activities going on around us. As a matter of fact, some of the participants ended up shopping, or checking the shops they […] … Read More