CreateROSS in Ross on Wye

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Source: Street Wisdom by Caroline Utting A group of people arranged to meet at Ross Market Place 10am on a chilly Saturday in March. Only one of them really understood what they would be doing. The others had come with an open mind and a willingness to participate. They had been persuaded that it was worth dedicating a […] … Read More

Walking is… massage

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Source: Street Wisdom I ran a Street Wisdom recently and found myself saying to the group – in my opening remarks – that walking the streets in a Street Wisdom way was a bit like having a massage. (Just then the iPad I’m writing on autocorrected “massage” to “message”, a useful bit of information we might come back […] … Read More

Ten Reasons to go for a Walk

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Source: Street Wisdom The pure and simple pleasure derived from going out for a walk is such that it requires no further justification. But should there be any doubt, this book gives us ten reasons – each as convincing as the next. Learning to walk is the primary occupation of the early years of our existence; thereafter it […] … Read More

Street Wisdom for Mental Health Awareness Week

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Source: Street Wisdom An important part of our remit at Street Wisdom is working towards ending the stigma of mental health in the workplace and support companies to deliver mental wellbeing to staff. Increasingly we’re working with companies who really care about mental health and creating a supportive environment for their employees to shine. That’s why this Mental […] … Read More

Street Wisdom for young people

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Source: Street Wisdom In a few weeks time, we’ll have our first Street Wisdom event specifically for young people led by Gail Donnan, a mindfulness practitioner who is well experienced in helping young people adopt mindfulness into their lives. Of course, Street Wisdom is more than just mindfulness – it provides an accessible, free tool for solving problems and […] … Read More

Add a little wonder into your routine

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Source: Street Wisdom “Life is routine and routine is resistance to wonder.” Abraham Joshua Heschel Routine can be brilliant, it helps us get stuff done as efficiently as possible, makes us well prepared for whatever the day might bring and means things run smoothly. It’s especially important during the working week. Life can be hectic and a routine […] … Read More

Connecting through Mindfulness

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Source: Street Wisdom This was our second Street Wisdom event and as always it was thoroughly enjoyed by me, as the host, and the guests. I picked a weekday this time and we didn’t have as many participants as on a weekend but it was Market Day in our small town and it gave a whole new dimension […] … Read More

A little bit of magic created in Oxford….

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Source: Street Wisdom The second Sunday in January is a perfect time for Street Wisdom – the streets are empty, our January diaries have space as they recover from December, it is the day before the infamous BLUE MONDAY (Copyright some PR company somewhere) and more than anything we are still mindful of our hopes and dreams for the […] … Read More

Dublin Street Wisdom

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Source: Street Wisdom At the centre of Street Wisdom lies the idea that every moment is extraordinary and every street is full of inspiration – that there’s no such thing as an ordinary street, just ordinary thinking. The post Dublin Street Wisdom appeared first on Street Wisdom. Dublin Street Wisdom