Mindfulness at Walk

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Source: Street Wisdom Mindfulness at Work are one of the pioneering companies bringing Mindfulness into the workplace in a way that everyone can easily connect with and learn from. Louise Cox Chester, MAW’s irrepressibly passionate founder and CEO has been a fan of Street Wisdom from the very start.  In fact, I think she was the first person to […] … Read More

It’s a cold day for a hot chocolate!

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Source: Street Wisdom Whilst waiting for the brave group of street explorers to arrive, I began noticing all the brightly coloured clothing being worn by Londoners and tourists alike, to frighten off the crisp cold of a Winters day! As I stood scanning the streets for my fellow adventurers, each person arrived from different points of the compass, […] … Read More

We’ll always have Paris

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Source: Street Wisdom So street wisdom is back in Paris after more than 100 years.  Let me explain. In the mid-nineteenth century a group of French artists and thinkers started turning to the city streets – rather than rural nature – for inspiration.   So began the Flâneur movement – from ‘flâner‘, to stroll.  Balzac described flânerie as “the gastronomy of […] … Read More

LUSH was a rush!

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Source: Street Wisdom Lush is always thinking about the senses.  Their shops are a riot of colour, an explosion of different scents, a playground of textures.  They also think constantly about learning and how to inspire their thousands of people around the world develop and grow. When Katie Nugent gathered Lush’s 50-strong international training team in London she asked us to create a Street […] … Read More