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Mindfulness is an essential tool which enables people to be more effective at everything they do and more resilient to the stresses they might experience in their lives. It helps people to consistently achieve their personal best, experiencing more job and life satisfaction in the process.


  • reduce stress and boost their immune system
  • be better at decision-making & improve their problem-solving abilities
  • have greater insight and increase their mental flexibility
  • be better team players
  • have more patience and compassion
  • understand emotions better
  • reduce pain & insomnia
  • create small & large shifts in clarity
  • increase their enjoyment of life

Mindfulness Monthly Meeting

Every first Wednesday of the month at Witherdens Hall, Popsal Lane, Wingham CT3 1AT  6 to 7.30pm

A deeper Mindfulness experience for people who have previously attended the Mindfulness is Now 4-week course or have a Mindfulness practice which they would like to develop further.  A group, led by Julia Ronder and Louise Chester, of discussion and mindfulness practice to help support your individual practice. £5 donation on the night. Please email if you would like to join this group.


MSC Core Skills Training with Dr Steve Hickman

Thursday 7th & Friday 8th September 2017 (9am-6pm)

Facilitator:  Dr Steve Hickman, Clinical Psychologist, Executive Director of the Center for Mindful Self-Compassion & Director of the University of California, San Diego Center for Mindfulness

2-Day MSC Core Skills Training

Dr Kristin Neff and Dr Christopher Germer MD, PhD are pioneers in the scientific development of self-compassion. They have brought their respective experience together in the empirically-supported Mindful Self-Compassion (MSC) program. An unique opportunity to join Dr Steve Hickman, Clinical Psychologist, Executive Director of the Center for MSC, in an opportunity to immerse yourself in some of the key practices and exercises of the full 8-week program in an intensive 2-day format.

Self-compassion: What is It?

Self-compassion is the emotional attitude of bringing kindness and supportive behaviour to ourselves, especially during challenging times. Most of us easily treat our friends and loved ones with warmth, tenderness and patience when they struggle, but we have a much harder time bringing those same qualities of compassion to ourselves. Self-compassion is the skill of directing kindness to ourselves and encourages us to consider the fundamental question of “What do I need right now?”

Self-compassion: Why learn It?

Self-compassion training gives us a tool-box of skills to help us turn towards a challenge, knowing that a safety-net of practical care is available to us.  Self-compassion provides emotional strength and resilience, allowing us to access the courage to face our ‘shortcomings’, bring kindness to ourselves, and respond to ourselves and others with care and respect.

By becoming aware that challenge is here (mindfulness), that these things are a part of every human life (common humanity), and then connecting with our natural capacity for kindness toward suffering (self-compassion), we can develop healthy and enduring patterns of relating to all the circumstances of life.

Mindful self-compassion training enables us to be our own best friend or benevolent coach not just in difficult times but throughout our daily life, so that we can live our lives with courage and kindness both for ourselves and others.

Self-compassion: Learning It

Self-compassion can be learned by anyone. The scientific basis for mindful self-compassion, enables us to see the benefits of embracing this learning. These core skills are taught and then practiced, so that their efficacy can then be experienced and they can become embedded in our daily lives. 

This MSC Core Skills Training course will enable you to:

  • Practice self-compassion in daily life
  • Understand the science of self-compassion
  • Motivate yourself with kindness rather than criticism
  • Handle difficult emotions with greater ease
  • Manage caregiver fatigue
  • Practice the art of savoring and self-appreciation
  • Teach simple self-compassion exercises to clients

Program activities include talks, meditation, experiential exercises, and group discussion. Participants will directly experience self-compassion and learn practices that evoke self-compassion in daily life. No previous experience with mindfulness or meditation is required to attend the program.

Venue: Witherdens Hall, Popsal Lane, Wingham, Canterbury, Kent CT3 1AT. Witherdens Hall is a beautiful space, and is an already established centre for mindfulness and home to the organisation Mindfulness at Work. It is about 15 minutes from Canterbury, just beyond Littlebourne.

(Please note venue may change to accommodate bookings)

Dates: Thursday 7th and Friday 8th September 2017 from 9am to 6pm.

Cost: £195 to include training, handouts, refreshments and lunch.  Book your place by emailing or calling 01227 720543.


The a.r.t of Fulfilment (action, reflection, transformation)

Friday 8th – Sunday 17th September 2017

Facilitators: Steff Hill and Ros Boughtflower

The a.r.t. of Fulfilment is an innovative, in-depth programme for general adult audiences, and the Level 1 course is suitable for anyone looking for:

  • a path of meaningful personal development
  • the ‘What next?’ after a mindfulness course
  • a different perspective on life
  • methods and techniques to use in their work with others

It is also ideal for facilitators and participants of other Universal Education for Compassion and Wisdom (UECW) programmes and courses.

Dates: Friday 8th – Sunday 17th September 2017. Arrive after 1pm on Day 1 for 6pm welcome and dinner. Depart any time after 12pm on Day 10. 

Venue: Land of Joy, Greenhaugh Hall, Greenhaugh, Hexham, Northumberland NE48 1PP

Cost: £315 (includes food and accommodation) £75 non-refundable deposit to secure place. Limited places available. 

Click here for further information and to book your place. 


Mindfulness Training for Professionals

CPD for Professionals: 8 week Mindfulness and Compassion courses.

Brighton 2017

Run by Anna Kane, Chartered Occupational Psychologist and qualified Mindfulness teacher.

For individuals working in HR, management, consultancy, sustainability, counselling, healthcare, law, accountancy and more.

Are you looking to be more present in your work? Like many professionals, it may seem difficult to fit everything in whilst feeling that you are adding value at work, and spending quality time outside of the workplace.

Our courses help professionals to develop their own practices as a foundation for a more resilient lifestyle, and to lead their work and life more skillfully.

Presence – enhance the power of focus and concentration.

Compassion – for self as a professional, and for the client.

Growth – seeing difficulties as opportunities to learn and grow.

Creativity – gearing up your approach to be more actively creative.

Emotions – better regulation of emotions.

Listening – really tuning into the words and the emotions behind them.

Decisions – develop mental agility and handle more complexity.

Click on these links for more information:

Anna also runs a weekly drop-in mindfulness and compassion session at a very affordable price of just £2.50 per session making it accessible to everyone.

Every Tuesday night at 5.45pm, starting at 6pm. Central Brighton.

Sign up through Meet-Up.


Time to Nurture: A Weekend of Mindfulness

Witherdens Hall – 2017 dates TBC

With Barbara Boxhall and Sacha Kent

The months of January and February can be challenging – it’s a time when our climate and environment is asking for a period of hibernation, time to slow down, rest more, keep warm and recharge. However our culture and our lifestyles don’t allow for this and we are often depleted, run down and our spirits feel weary.

This weekend offers a chance to celebrate the beauty of winter and what it asks from us – a chance to restore through gentle, warming and compassionate mindfulness practices as well as the opportunity to meet like-minded souls. These people may be of all ages, professions, cycles in life, nationalities but they all have one thing in common – a desire to live a life that is more connected to what really matters. In the past our weekends have always had a wonderful atmosphere of people really able to meet each other at an honest level and find real joy and healing as a result. There is much laughter, a very relaxed atmosphere, great honesty, courage and much learnt to take with us into our everyday lives.

Witherdens Hall is a wonderful retreat centre set up by Louise Chester who used to work as a director with investment and fund management and decided, after many years of practicing meditation and mindfulness, to use her skills to take this out into the working world. She set up Mindfulness at Work as a result and has introduced Mindfulness to over ten thousand people in the workplace. Witherdens is her home with her husband Craig and daughter Alice and it provides a warm, thriving hub to gather together.

The weekend will start at 6pm on Friday evening and finish after lunch on Sunday. There will be morning yoga practice, followed by mindfulness practices with a focus on compassion, letting go and forgiveness. There will be some time for silence (perhaps a silent walk or time to rest quietly) and then a late afternoon yoga practice with some deep relaxation. Delicious vegetarian food is provided throughout by Baz Machon an experienced and imaginative chef and long-time colleague, who really understands this great cuisine.

All you need for the weekend is comfortable clothes, a yoga mat (we can provide one if you don’t have one), a blanket, some warm socks/slippers, coats and boots to wrap up if you would like to walk and the weather is kind, and whatever else you need to feel really snug and cosy.

About Barbara & Sacha:

Barbara Boxhall has recently completed an international qualification in Mindful Self Compassion after her studies in Mindfulness, Compassion, Insight and Wisdom with Aberdeen University. She is a highly qualified teacher of mindfulness and counsellor of 25 years experience. She is supervisor and mentor to Louise Chester, Director of Mindfulness at Work.

Sacha Kent is a fully qualified yoga teacher, registered with the British Wheel of Yoga, who has a particular interest in the healing benefits of mindful movement. She teaches in West Sussex and London.

Venue: Witherdens Hall, Popsal Lane, Wingham, Canterbury, Kent CT3 1AT. Witherdens Hall is a beautiful space, and is an already established centre for mindfulness and home to the organisation Mindfulness at Work. It is about 15 minutes from Canterbury, just beyond Littlebourne.

The course will be held from: TBC

Cost: The cost of the course is £295.00 per person plus accommodation which is either at Witherdens Hall (early booking advised) or at a handful of lovely B&Bs very nearby. Witherdens sleeps up to nine people in double and single rooms., or 01227 720543. 

Registration: For more information and to book please contact Barbara- Tel 01243 785333, Email:, or Sacha – Tel: 07880 937411, Email: