Happy, motivated people can create immense value for the companies they work for. And people can be more successful and fulfilled in the workplace if they can feel more resilient, remain objective, be responsive rather than reactive, show compassion to themselves and others as well as build trust with their colleagues and other stakeholders. Mindfulness can be such a helpful tool to enable people build these resources.

As well as individuals, many employers are now becoming aware of the benefits of supporting the development of their employees through training in Mindfulness as part of their CSR and CPD programmes.

The American Institute of Stress has calculated that circa $300bn of economic output is lost in the US each year through absenteeism, poor performance, employee turnover, accidents and stress-related workers compensation claims. This phenomenon is not restricted to the US. Indeed, the UK Health & Safety Executive (HSE) estimates that self-reported work-related stress, depression or anxiety accounted for an estimated 11.4m lost working days in Britain in fiscal year 2008/9.

Cutting edge companies, who have already successfully adopted the Mindfulness training programmes include McKinsey, Nike, Procter & Gamble, Apple, Astra Zeneca, Accenture, Google and Yahoo.

And many of our clients bear out the growing body of research that points to training in Mindfulness being a support for the workplace, that can help bring about a more productive, creative and collegiate environment for success.

Mindfulness at Work has developed an effective 5-week, 45 minute programme (MiN) to help enable employees to develop and sustain these important traits.

Who should attend?

  • Executives who want greater creative focus and clarity
  • Individuals who need to overcome stereotypical thinking and have a better understanding of complex situations.
  • Individuals and groups who are experiencing challenging work situations
  • Those who need to communicate more effectively with their colleagues and customers
  • Managers who need effective techniques to reduce conflicts in their teams
  • Those who are involved in reorganisation and downsizing
  • Individuals who wants to be more productive and less distracted
  • Anyone who wants to enjoy their work and their life more

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