The Senses by Pietro Spadafora from the School for Communication Arts

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Source: Street Wisdom This morning I was wondering if my first “Street Wisdom” experience can improve me as a street photographer. The two activities resemble in many ways. They both put me into a state of meditation but the day spent with David Pearl (doing Street Wisdom) has additionally been constructive and has helped me to shed light […] … Read More

See the beauty in everything

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Source: Street Wisdom People who come on Street Wisdom events are often surprised at seeing their everyday environment in a whole new light. Whether it’s noticing something they hadn’t seen before or seeing their surroundings in a more positive light. There is often a shift in their thinking. One of the tune-ups involves trying to see the beauty […] … Read More

Blue Sky Thinking in Frome

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Source: Street Wisdom Street Wisdom taught me I don’t have to disappear into the wilderness for a four-day vision quest, steam away in countless sweat lodges or go on an arduous pilgrimage to Greece to try and discover my real work in the world. I began to unravel the answers, the clues, the pointers in the very prosaic […] … Read More