Culture Change: Reads of the week 21.06

Culture Change

Source: Walking the Talk Want to implement a culture of customer service in your organisation, or to learn about how millennials will impact the corporate culture of your organisation? Then read our latest Culture Change blog… Culture Change: Reads of the week 21.06

Culture Change: Reads of the week 15.06


Source: Walking the Talk Read our latest Culture Change blog for all the latest news and views on the world of organisational culture. This week’s edition contains insight into how great leaders can mend a broken culture and the day-to-day behaviours that can change your business, as well as the results of our Managing Behaviours survey. Culture Change: Reads … Read More

How to fall back in love with your city

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Source: Street Wisdom It wasn’t until this event that I had the city itself as an additional participant in Streetwisdom. Which is an odd thing to say, given the city and its streets are the stage upon which we play, quest and find answers to questions. Except this time the questions tackled were about Lisbon itself – and […] … Read More

New Leaves

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Source: Street Wisdom Street Wisdom is going to be featured in an excellent new book – Creative Super Powers It was dreamed up by Creative Social‘s Daniele Fiandaca, co-edited by Street Wisdom’s Scott Morrison and the chapter itself was written by our founder, David Pearl. Published by Unbound, the book has been entirely crowdfunded by the creatively curious and this week we […] … Read More

A trunkful of insights

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Source: Street Wisdom What I know now is that it is very nearly as energising to facilitate a Street Wisdom event as it is to participate in one. Yesterday I met with seven willing participants in beautiful Leamington Spa for my first experience as a volunteer Street Star. The group were amazing – one of my biggest takeaways […] … Read More

Nairobi’s 1st Street Wisdom!

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Source: Street Wisdom On Sunday 5th June 2017, 6 of us met in downtown Nairobi for the first ever Street Wisdom in Kenya (possibly even Africa??). As it wasn’t possible to attend a Street Wisdom event first before running one (for the simple reason there aren’t any going on here!), I had to dive right in, read up […] … Read More

Culture Change: Reads of the week 07.06


Source: Walking the Talk Discover three strategies for CEOs to improve corporate culture, the true role that empathic leaders play in an organisation, and how you can make inclusion a reality in your workplace in our latest Culture Change blog… Culture Change: Reads of the week 07.06

Culture Change: Reads of the week 31.05


Source: Walking the Talk Delve into the world of culture management and culture change in this week’s edition of our blog. It features insights into the future of the world of work, as well as why Silicon Valley is going back on it’s liberal employment practices… Culture Change: Reads of the week 31.05

Would you like to work with us?

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Source: Street Wisdom We’re looking for an amazing person to join our team. Could it be you? Street Wisdom has gone from strength to strength since its inception in 2013 and we celebrate our successes here in the UK and around the globe. Our community is growing – across 30 countries – and so is our business wing. […] … Read More