Sunny Afternoon at Granary Fountains

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Source: Street Wisdom After a very mixed week weather-wise I woke up Sunday morning to blue skies and sunshine!  My immediate reaction was one of  total gratitude that we had the promise of a beautiful day ahead but then this was quickly followed by a severe attack of jittery nerves as the realisation hit me that today was […] … Read More

Culture Change: Reads of the week 24.05


Source: Walking the Talk Our ‘Culture Change’ blog contains links to the latest culture news and insights. Read our latest edition for insights on how to react to disengagement, ways to involve remote employees in your culture, and the five things that the best leaders do each and every day.. Culture Change: Reads of the week 24.05

What is it like to be a Street Star?

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Source: Street Wisdom On Sunday 14th May I facilitated my first ever Street Wisdom event. It was a blast. The sun was beaming down on us, the market stalls were buzzing and 11 strangers embarked on a Chichester quest to find answers to some of the most important questions they hold. Some of you reading may be wondering about running your […] … Read More

Culture Change: Reads of the week 17.05


Source: Walking the Talk Check out our latest Culture Change blog, featuring advice on how to overcome resistance to change within your organisation, how leadership will be measured in the future, and how your company culture may be preventing you from innovation. Culture Change: Reads of the week 17.05

Seeking answers from the street

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Source: Street Wisdom A friend suggested attending a Street Wisdom event being facilitated by an ex-colleague of hers, I was in the area, so I signed up and went along. It seemed fitting at the end of mental health awareness week to get involved in an event which, while it doesn’t explicitly say so, is grounded in mindfulness […] … Read More

French elections: the cultural difference between Macron and Le Pen

French election

Source: Walking the Talk There are many fundamental differences between the opinions and actions of Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen, the two final candidates in the latest French presidential elections, which saw Mr. Macron win and become the youngest president of the Fifth Republic. One difference that struck me was how they both approach the cultural debate. French … Read More