Culture strategy in an M&A: Where context is everything

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Source: Walking the Talk It may seem the obvious thing to do, but many organisations undertaking M&A do not effectively articulate and communicate the business case that underpins their decision to merge or acquire. Often this results in unexpected business and cultural outcomes, and this should be central to your culture strategy in M&A. Only by understanding overall … Read More

The Streets Are Paved With Wisdom

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Source: Street Wisdom Just received this gorgeous blog from Melanie Mackie aka Scarletta Media about her revelatory experience with Street Wisdom over the summer. Do take the time to read it as it sums it all up very well…. The Streets Are Paved With Wisdom The Streets Are Paved With Wisdom

We’ll always have Paris

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Source: Street Wisdom So street wisdom is back in Paris after more than 100 years.  Let me explain. In the mid-nineteenth century a group of French artists and thinkers started turning to the city streets – rather than rural nature – for inspiration.   So began the Flâneur movement – from ‘flâner‘, to stroll.  Balzac described flânerie as “the gastronomy of […] … Read More

LUSH was a rush!

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Source: Street Wisdom Lush is always thinking about the senses.  Their shops are a riot of colour, an explosion of different scents, a playground of textures.  They also think constantly about learning and how to inspire their thousands of people around the world develop and grow. When Katie Nugent gathered Lush’s 50-strong international training team in London she asked us to create a Street […] … Read More

How to Practice Mindfulness Throughout Your Work Day


Source: Potential Project You probably know the feeling all too well: You arrive at the office with a clear plan for the day and then, in what feels like just a moment, you find yourself on your way back home. Nine or 10 hours have passed but you’ve accomplished only a few of your priorities. And, most likely, you can’t … Read More

Are You Addicted To Doing?


Source: Potential Project Perhaps you’re familiar with this experience: After a long week of work, the weekend finally arrives. It’s time to wind down, relax, and do nothing. However, before 9 a.m. Saturday morning you’ve organized three social appointments, ordered a new IKEA closet, and set in motion four other plans that will keep you active for the rest … Read More

Overcome Busyness and Enhance Performance


Source: Potential Project Photo: American Management Association Most people in your organization would probably say they are busy. But are they busy doing lots of things that take time, or are they getting the most from their limited attention and delivering results? Based on our experience working with leading organizations around the globe, we would like to share five … Read More

Mindful Strategies to Enhance Performance


Source: Potential Project According to research – including studies by the London Business School1 and the Franklin Covey Institute2 – the majority of business professionals use their time inefficiently. Sure, they stay busy by answering email, replying to requests, and taking care of other mundane tasks. But as it turns out, being busy doesn’t necessarily equate to being effective. In fact, … Read More