Connecting through Mindfulness

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Source: Street Wisdom This was our second Street Wisdom event and as always it was thoroughly enjoyed by me, as the host, and the guests. I picked a weekday this time and we didn’t have as many participants as on a weekend but it was Market Day in our small town and it gave a whole new dimension […] … Read More

VIVA Manchester Magazine interview David Pearl

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Source: Street Wisdom Within busy working lifestyles it’s often difficult to prioritise our physical and mental health; we book in for gym classes that we’re just too tired for after a hectic day, and New Year’s resolutions of less stress and more ‘me time’ seem a distant memory. David Pearl, founder of Street Wisdom, is on hand to […] … Read More

Why Do So Many Managers Forget They’re Human Beings?


Source: Potential Project The power of leadership lies in our abilities to form personal and meaningful bonds with the people whom we lead. As human beings, we are all driven by basic needs for meaning, happiness, human connectedness, and a desire to contribute positively to others. And leaders that truly understand these needs, and lead in a way that … Read More

A little bit of magic created in Oxford….

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Source: Street Wisdom The second Sunday in January is a perfect time for Street Wisdom – the streets are empty, our January diaries have space as they recover from December, it is the day before the infamous BLUE MONDAY (Copyright some PR company somewhere) and more than anything we are still mindful of our hopes and dreams for the […] … Read More

Self-Awareness Can Help Leaders More Than an MBA Can


Source: Potential Project Published by Harvard Business Review. Without self-awareness, leadership is blind. Click here to read the article   The post Self-Awareness Can Help Leaders More Than an MBA Can appeared first on Potential Project. Self-Awareness Can Help Leaders More Than an MBA Can

Dublin Street Wisdom

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Source: Street Wisdom At the centre of Street Wisdom lies the idea that every moment is extraordinary and every street is full of inspiration – that there’s no such thing as an ordinary street, just ordinary thinking. The post Dublin Street Wisdom appeared first on Street Wisdom. Dublin Street Wisdom

International Serendipity Day

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Source: Street Wisdom Happy International Serendipity Day! Street Wisdom facilitator Philip Cowell suggests January 28th be considered the new worldwide anniversary of happy and unexpected discoveries. Answers are everywhere – you just need to slow down and tune in to notice them. And not just notice them – enjoy them, listen to them, wonder what they’re about. Though […] … Read More