What are people saying about culture measurement?

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Source: Walking the Talk How to measure culture is becoming one of the most discussed topics on culture, in part in response to regulatory pressure to ensure culture is managed and to prevent disasters such as the one we’ve recently witnessed with Wells Fargo, in part to justify the increasing investment in organisational culture and demonstrate the positive impact … Read More

What haven’t you noticed?

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Source: Street Wisdom “I’ve worked around here for 20 years and never noticed that building before”   One of the wanderers from an event last week was amazed to notice things she walks past every day but had never paid attention to before. You spend a lot of time in one place but rarely really look around. This […] … Read More


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Source: Street Wisdom After a successful run in London this summer, our partners in mindfulness are hosting their first ever show in Manchester on February 2nd and 3rd, 2018. And they’d love YOU to join them! Learn more about the benefits and practice of mindfulness and meditation with a range of inspiring expert speakers, interactive panels and tips from […] … Read More

Street Wisdom one-on-one

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Source: Street Wisdom After a break from Street Wisdom, I was really keen to get back into it – and see who would come to a Street Wisdom session with only a few days’ notice. The reason was also this: Street Wisdom is a practice for the self as much as it for others; so if no one […] … Read More

Mindfulness in one of Britain’s smallest cities

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Source: Street Wisdom I run a Wellbeing Centre and Training School in Ripon in North Yorkshire and I decided to run a Street Wisdom event. As a Mindfulness practitioner, my working week is full seeing clients who experience anxiety, panic, low mood, insomnia etc. Street Wisdom makes accessing Mindfulness techniques accessible, for free. Twelve people booked onto the event […] … Read More

Step away from your smartphone…

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Source: Street Wisdom London Underground is a scary place to be at rush hour. Not least because of the volume of people or being 40 meters underground but because of the zombifying effect it can have on people… In his book Wake Up! Chris Barez-Brown says we spend 80% of our waking days on auto-pilot and that couldn’t […] … Read More

Get out of the boardroom, get on to the streets

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Source: Street Wisdom Why you should be taking your meetings outside… Walking meetings are increasingly popular and it’s easy to see why. Most of us are parked at our desks for the majority of the day in the hope of maximising productivity. But, more often than not, it’s having the opposite effect. There are lots of benefits to […] … Read More