Finding strength in Mexico City

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Source: Street Wisdom Some weeks ago, I ran a Street Wisdom event in Mexico City. This was part of the World Wide Wander, which involved over 30 Street Wisdom events taking place all over the world. It was a cold and rainy Saturday morning at Parque España, Colonia Condesa. The attendees, all mothers, were all very happy to […] … Read More

Try a new approach to problem-solving

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Source: Street Wisdom Problem-solving is something we all do on a daily basis – whether it’s in the office, the supermarket or at home and it is an important skill to master. From a young age, we have to make decisions and figure out how best to make them. So how do you tend to go about solving […] … Read More

Mindfulness at Work: Training your mind to manage attention

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Source: HRD Connect In an always-on, multi-tasking environment, attention is under siege and effectiveness suffers. Maintaining resilience in the face of constant change and uncertainty, sustaining presence, balancing priorities and being stretched too thin are key challenges for us all. This September, the Estee Lauder London HQ welcomed Louise Chester, Founder and Managing Director of corporate advisors ‘Mindfulness at Work’, … Read More

Culture Change: Reads of the week 19.10


Source: Walking the Talk The latest Culture Change blog shares how you can truly identify how effective you a leader you are, how to recognise a toxic culture in prospective employers, and much more… Culture Change: Reads of the week 19.10

How to Accelerate Culture Change Across the Organisation


Source: Walking the Talk One of the most commonly asked questions in my work on culture is how long will the change take? When will we have the culture we need? There is no simple answer to this question because a multitude of factors can influence the speed of culture change across an organization. But there are things you … Read More

Culture Change: Reads of the week 12.10

Culture Change

Source: Walking the Talk Read this week’s Culture Change blog to discover why there is no excuse for blaming a poor culture on fast growth, the three foundations for a culture of well-being, and much more from the world of organisational culture… Culture Change: Reads of the week 12.10

How Street Wisdom is good for mental wellbeing

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Source: Street Wisdom Street Wisdom is a simple but powerful way of using your everyday environment to find answers and inspiration. It’s also the perfect way to find calm and focus on the busy urban streets. It’s a guided walking mindfulness experience and the perfect antidote if you’re feeling stressed, overwhelmed or just a little stuck… These are […] … Read More