New Year, New Way of Thinking

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Source: Street Wisdom The new year brings with it high expectations of what we should be giving up or taking up. This pressure often leads to unrealistic ideals of what we should and shouldn’t be doing, triggering anxieties and negative thinking to make us feel guilty. The old ‘New Year, New You’ somewhat suggests that there was something wrong […] … Read More

Are You Having Trouble Focusing? These Simple Strategies Will Help


Source: Potential Project Published by Harvard Business Review. Harvard Business Review just published their second article featuring our CEO and Founder of The Potential Project, Rasmus Hougaard on strategies to help you focus. Click here to read the article The post Are You Having Trouble Focusing? These Simple Strategies Will Help appeared first on Potential Project. Are You … Read More

The Wonder of Walking

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Source: Street Wisdom The benefits of simply going for a walk can be powerful – taking the time to slow down, to be outside, to reflect – but we rarely take the time to do it.  Going for a walk tends to be saved for picturesque locations on holidays and beaches, but fitting a stroll in to your everyday […] … Read More

Walking the Talk's 10 most popular articles on culture change of 2017

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Source: Walking the Talk 2017 has been a busy year for Walking the Talk, as more and more people and organisations realise the importance of culture in the workplace.  As ever, our blog has continued to offer valuable insights into culture transformation.  To finish off the year, we’ve rounded up some of the most popular posts penned by our culture change … Read More

A Street Wisdom approach to the festive season

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Source: Street Wisdom It’s easy to get wrapped up in the indulgences of the festive season with a week of cheese, wine and Christmas TV Specials. This year, why not use the break to recuperate and be mindful, to start the new year with some clarity and energy rather than feeling a bit foggy…in body and mind. Here […] … Read More

If You Aspire to Be a Great Leader, Be Present


Source: Potential Project Published by Harvard Business Review. To truly engage other human beings and create meaningful connections, we need to silence our inner voices and be fully present — and being more mindful can help. As part of the research for our forthcoming book, The Mind of the Leader, we surveyed more than 1,000 leaders who indicated that a more mindful … Read More

3 Things Leaders Need to Have an Impact


Source: Potential Project Most leaders think they’re effective at motivating their employees, but a large study from Potential Project shows that employees are more disengaged than ever. Watch Founder and Managing Director of Potential Project, Rasmus Hougaard present the findings from the study in a live session hosted by Harvard Business Review and learn what leaders need to have … Read More