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“It was tremendously exciting to work with Louise to understand how powerful mindfulness can be in a work environment, as well as to hear about the scientific backing for something that has been helping people for centuries. I’ve had the privilege of attending two of Louise and her colleague’s 4 week Mindfulness courses, as well as doing some mindfulness-based coaching with Louise. I can say without a doubt that she has helped me to achieve unexpected success” CEO, Financial Services

“Thanks for a great session yesterday, I’ve heard a lot of positive feedback about it.  We appreciate you travelling her to support with our event.  Thank you for your time and for a very interesting session, enjoyed by all” HR & L&D Lead, Multinational Manufacturer of Imaging and Optical Products

“Ashurst started working in partnership with Mindfulness at Work in August 2013, with the first 4 week MIN course being delivered in October 2013.  We have always found everyone within the company to be of the highest professional standard, very experienced, understanding the genuine pressures of the business world from personal experience and that the training works and reaps results for people personally and as well as the firm.  We won an legal industry award jointly for the best personal development programme for 2014” Sara Brewer, L&D Manager, Ashurst LLP

“As a strong believer in the importance of physical wellbeing, I found Louise’s session on mindfulness a fascinating insight into how important mental wellbeing is; especially against the challenges of technology and the pace of modern life. As an ex-banker myself, I found her personal experiences and journey particularly interesting and the session was a great mix of explanation and practical application” Kate Lander, Head of Education, EMEA, CFA Institute

“I wanted to thank you for the webinar you presented yesterday ‘Survive to Thrive’ for EY.  The webinar was pitched correctly for the audience with good background of yourself and context to your previous/current work with EY.  The content was also good with good explanations of what mindfulness is and how it can help.  The webinar was well attended (71) and all the feedback was positive and focused on how useful the session was” Susie Gray, Senior Manager – Employee Relations, EY

“Louise’s session provided a gateway into an alternative way of experiencing the world and people around us in an approachable, accessible, and nonthreatening manner.  In addition to providing balance to one’s own life and work, it lays the foundation for effective leadership that promotes conscious choices over reactive impulses and a purposeful work environment for effect teams”  Steve Horan, Managing Director & Co-Lead, Education

“On behalf of the EOS team I would like to say “Thank You” for the mindfulness sessions you have delivered and for all your interest and passion you demonstrated around us individuals and the work we do. I think we all found the sessions very useful and we definitely feel prepared for the mindfulness journey which a lot of us will continue” Training Organiser, Hermes EOS

”I would like to say thanks to all the Mindfulness team for your continuous words of support. I have found some of your words very uplifting and positive, this mornings TRUST is very powerful. I managed to find myself a job as an ambulance Driver / Care assistant, not easy when you first enter into the unknown, so much to be mindful of but I am enjoying it and am looking to progress as a Paramedic in the future.” Anonymous

“Other companies in the mainstream using Mindfulness include Apple, AstraZeneca, Comcast, Deutsche Bank, Google, Heinz, Hughes, McKinsey, Nortel Networks, Proctor & Gamble, Raytheon, Texas Instruments, Unilever, and Yahoo. They cannot all be wrong, surely?” Wall Street Journal

“Just to say that several weeks after our ‘Mindfulness is Now’ training course, it seems the practises are still being observed and the atmosphere at Tribeca is better to best. So thank you!” Sherry Moran, CEO TRiBECA® Knowledge , Award winning eLearning & eWorking solutions

“Having completed your Mindfulness is Now 4-week programme, I feel privileged to have been introduced to such a life-changing concept, which I can use for the rest of my life for everything I do.” Small business owner, UK

“Very well organised, got great value from awareness of breath, became aware of all the many activities I do on ‘automatic’. Usefulness of MIN programme 9/10, likelihood of continuing practice 10/10.” Manager, global F&B company

I really enjoyed the Mindfulness course. The mindfulness practices are the easiest ones I have found to get into – it starts to feel beneficial straight away, and just gets better. I find myself looking forward to doing it every day, even getting up earlier some mornings to practise! The Circle of Being is great as well, and, by focusing on one each day, it makes you think before you speak or react. GG, Administrator

“I was interested to see what the ‘Mindfulness is Now’ programme was all about – to try to make sense of the frenetic state I always seem to be in. Now I know the tools exist so when I feel myself ‘digressing’, I consciously try and think about ‘now’ / ‘the current moment’, not judging, not forcing issues, being open to opportunities, trusting. It’s working!” Legal Professional

“The Mindfulness at Work programme provided an invaluable and much needed oasis of calm amid our frenetic working routine. Its power lies in its simplicity, – the staff were surprised at the tangible and lasting benefits they felt from performing such simple steps. It also created subtle bonds between us, – a shared deeper experience that is not normally experienced in the workplace. The personal transformation has been subtle but very powerful; just this morning, several weeks after completing the programme, I found myself, eyes closed, ‘tuning in’ while filling up my car at the petrol station! I now look forward to the egg-timer or spinning colour wheel appearing on my computer screen, for these now serve as prompts for my 60-second practice. What a blessing to have been able to transform these daily annoyances into precious moments! Thank you! “ Dr Mario Peters, Founder and Principal, Oxford International College

“I have used the MIN programme to pull myself out of my numerous competing thoughts for a moment. I now have greater connection with myself and my surroundings.” Managing Director, International Specialist Beverage company

“Very sceptical at first but gained ability to concentrate on a situation and deal with it. Helped me with sleeping too. Would like to try a longer course if available!” Manager, global F&B company

“The MIN programme has been very useful – 10/10. I will continue to use the practices I learnt. I would like to look at running team sessions as Mindfulness has allowed me to take a step back and my team could do with learning this too.” Partner, Professional services company

“I totally believe in and agree with the science behind Mindfulness and understand that if you incorporate them in your life, you find it a great benefit.” Office Manager, International Specialist Beverage company

“I’m in business and I need results. It’s amazing,” Jakubowki says, of his new Mindfulness practice. “I’m able to sort through work challenges in this state of calm much faster than trying to fight through it. And I make fewer mistakes.” D.Jakubowski, Vice President, United Online Inc.

“Very useful programme trained by Mindfulness at Work. Pleased to be able to incorporate Mindfulness into my life to help my general wellbeing, to tackle stress and general pressures of work/life balance. We are going to continue the programme by doing a Mindful lunchtime together once a week now” Manager, global F&B company

“Research shows that mindfulness training helps increase cooperation” Cloninger, C. R. (2006). The science of well-being: an integrated approach to mental health and its disorders. World Psychiatry, 5(2), 71-76.

“Mindfulness is a way of life. This is what I do” J Johansen, CEO, Pacificorp

Financial Times report on the long-term value of deep thinking in troubled times. “Google also offers Mindfulness. “It helps clarity of vision,” the company says. “In the workplace it gives our employees the time and headspace to unwind in the midst of their busy days. If people feel refreshed, and can take part in something like this with a group of like-minded people, then who knows what innovation this might lead to?” Financial Times, 2011

To study the protective effects of mindfulness training on psychological health in individuals about to experience extreme stress, cognitive neuroscientist Amishi Jha of the Department of Psychology and Center for Cognitive Neuroscience at Penn and Elizabeth A. Stanley of Georgetown University provided mindfulness training for the first time to U.S. Marines before deployment. “Our findings suggest that, just as daily physical exercise leads to physical fitness, engaging in mindfulness exercises on a regular basis may improve mind-fitness,” Jha said….”Working memory is an important feature of mind-fitness. Not only does it safeguard against distraction and emotional reactivity, but it also provides a mental workspace to ensure quick-and-considered decisions and action plans….Building mind-fitness with mindfulness training may help anyone who must maintain peak performance in the face of extremely stressful circumstances, from first responders, relief workers and trauma surgeons, to professional and Olympic athletes.” Study funded by the Kluge Foundation and US Dept of Defence, 2010

“We believe that the effects of mindfulness training can enhance well-being in a number of ways. If you practice being in the present, you can increase positive feelings by savouring pleasurable on-going experiences. Additionally, calming the mind and observing experiences with curiosity and acceptance not only reduces stress but helps with attention control and emotion regulation – skills which are valuable both inside and outside the classroom.” Professor Huppert, University of Cambridge on completion of 4 week trial for adolescent students

“Paying attention to simple little things that most men neglect makes a few men rich.” Henry Ford

“Living while being in the moment is real, it’s all we have. Being ‘awake’ and ‘aware’ is crucial in order for us to appreciate all that being alive means” Dr Gill Hicks, London July bombings survivor and peace activist

”Mindfulness at Work Training was delivered as part of our Employment Preparation Programme. The training was a breath of fresh air and served as a unique complement to the Personal Development element of our programme. Here are some of the comments made by our participants:

  • An eye opener
  • Thought provoking
  • Brilliant!
  • Helped me understand what has gone on in my mind in the past and why certain things happened 

If you want a better understanding of yourself and others, look no further.” HoSB