9 particularly good questions to ask

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In the “(Best Foot) Foreword” of Founder of Street Wisdom, David Pearl’s book Wanderful, David asks 9 particularly good questions. They’re very Street Wisdom, they’re very human, they’re very now.

Why not slip one of them into your metaphorical shoe the next time you head out to wander? Or even if not, enjoy them as you read them here, the questions could be useful, and potentially talk to a lot of what’s happening in the world around us right now.


9 particularly good questions to ask

  1. How can we be purposely purposeless in a world where productivity rules?

  2. Why are we so obsessed with straight lines when Nature teaches us to wiggle?

  3. What’s exciting about being lost and how is it different from feeling lost?

  4. How can we read the street as though it’s a book full of messages for us?

  5. When you come to a crossroads (in life), which way should you turn?

  6. Are people we don’t know really strangers? And if so, how is it that they can sometimes offer us better advice than people who know us well?

  7. If you could set the pace in your life, would you choose the one you are marching to right now?

  8. When something wonderful happens ‘by chance’, what’s really happening and can we make it happen more often?

  9. And, perhaps most importantly of all, what can spending time on an everyday street teach us about navigating complexity at a time when the world is sorely in need of new direction?



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