How to refresh your organisation's culture efforts

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Source: Walking the Talk Yesterday I had a conversation with an OD manager who used this word to describe his organisation”s goal in relation to their efforts on culture next year.  “We need to refresh our culture and to re-engage people in our purpose for wanting to improve it”.  Given so many companies have dedicated effort already to building … Read More

Culture as a Management Practice

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Source: Walking the Talk On February 27th Walking the Talk in Brazil hosted a breakfast session with Walking the Talk co-founder and Executive Chair Carolyn Taylor, which triggered some great insights in the group.  Check out the ten topics that summed up the core of our conversation. Culture as a Management Practice

The Unseen Force That’s Shaping Your Culture Every Day

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Source: Walking the Talk There’s a silent power within your organisation that’s quietly moulding the patterns of behaviour that will determine your culture. A survey probably won’t detect it, but identifying and shifting it will have a significant impact on performance. We’re not talking about values or behaviours here, but something far less universal and more specific to individual … Read More

Culture management: How agile are you?

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Source: Walking the Talk When I ask teams of executives if they can identify the business imperatives for culture in their organisation, one thing that is often mentioned is agility. “We need to become a lot more agile or flexible as an organisation.”   More and more organisations want to be in a position to quickly respond to market changes, be … Read More

Culture leadership: '2016 – the year Brazil should never forget.'

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Source: Walking the Talk 2016 was quite a year. Here in Brazil, there have been many comments over the last few weeks along the lines of “is 2016 over yet?” and “2017 can’t come any sooner!”. Now that January is here, the talk is that 2016 “is a year to be forgotten”. Culture leadership: ‘2016 – the year Brazil should … Read More