Lockdown Walks as a Contemplative Practice:

dave tullettStreet Wisdom

As part of this year’s programme for the Winchester Institute for Contemplative Education and Practice (WICEP), Rosie Holmes and I (Dave Tullett) had planned to offer a lunchtime session, on campus at the University of Winchester, that would explore wa…

Wandering from city streets to home

Frédérique CorsonStreet Wisdom

My first encounter with Street Wisdom was after having downloaded their free audio guide with some colleagues in Montreal. Their “Slow Right Down” tune-up exercise was particularly poignant to me. Slowing down and observing had already been an area of …


David PearlStreet Wisdom

Zilingo is moving fast. From startup to a near billion dollar fashion tech company in just a few short years. When you’re growing at such a rate, it’s essential to hit the pause button frequently – to reflect, reorientate and reboot. Which is why…

Discovering magic in Gothenburg

Rachel CrowtherStreet Wisdom

Imagine opening up to the environment around you, employing all your senses, and realizing that the answers you seek are everywhere. This is what happens during Street Wisdom, a guided and immersive urban walk based on the simple, yet powerful, theory …

Slowing and connecting

Lorna PrescottStreet Wisdom

This morning I cycled into Dudley in glorious sunshine and made my way to the fountain to welcome local wanderers. I knew that today’s World Wide Wander was going to be great fun when I was approached first by Mark, and then by Jane, each full of…

Pedagogy v Andragogy

Joyce MatthewsStreet Wisdom

Last week I attended a gin tasting event. The next day I participated in Street Wisdom. The first was chosen for me, the second I opted into. The gin tasting was in a bare room, decorated with the Distiller’s posters and paraphernalia. On a table at th…

Unlocking Hidden Answers in Arlington

Rachel CrowtherStreet Wisdom

When we’re focused on getting to our destination, we don’t always pay enough attention to the journey. Street Wisdom helped us do that.
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#CelebratingPeople19 in York

External Source#CelebratingPeople19, Street Wisdom, York

As a coach, I spend much of my time helping other people to pause and reflect but – ironically (or perhaps hypocritically) – I don’t do quite enough of that myself.
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