Why Agile?

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Our ability and desire to change as humans, has driven an extraordinary rate of change in particular over the past 10 years.  Think of yourself as a customer. You demand immediacy; you want to be understood; you expect improvements; yo…

#CelebratingPeople19 in York

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As a coach, I spend much of my time helping other people to pause and reflect but – ironically (or perhaps hypocritically) – I don’t do quite enough of that myself.
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Winter Wander in South Africa

Kim PistoriusStreet Wisdom

As Erling Kagge so eloquently writes about the inner silence that goes hand in hand with walking.  The Street Wisdom process helps you detach from the busyness of everyday life and reminds you to slow down. The silence and mindful walks help you to rec…


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I turned into the tide of people and walked the opposite way. Scouring each face for a clue. I didn’t know what I was looking for, but I knew it would find me. I was battling upstream, they were going with the flow, down. I couldn’t find any rhythm, no…