Culture leadership: '2016 – the year Brazil should never forget.'

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Source: Walking the Talk 2016 was quite a year. Here in Brazil, there have been many comments over the last few weeks along the lines of “is 2016 over yet?” and “2017 can’t come any sooner!”. Now that January is here, the talk is that 2016 “is a year to be forgotten”. Culture leadership: ‘2016 – the year Brazil should … Read More

Culture Change: Reads of the week 11.01


Source: Walking the Talk Welcome to the second of our ‘Culture Change’ blogs, which shares some of the best articles and insights we’ve come across regarding culture change, culture management, habit formation and personal development. Culture Change: Reads of the week 11.01

Cosmic craic at Lush Oxford St

Melinda McDougallStreet Wisdom

Read about Cathleen Malone’s cosmic wanderings at an event held at Lush’s Oxford St HQ:
The post Cosmic craic at Lush Oxford St ap…

Pre-holiday Quest in Haidhausen

Susanne TaylorStreet Wisdom, Susanne Taylor

  It was the perfect Sunday afternoon in November for a quest. Sunny, crisp air, and lots of curiosity. In preparation for the up-coming time of pre-holiday hectic we gathered in the lovely neighborhood of Haidhausen in Munich. After sharing our f…

Cultural Diligence: Make it a Priority

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Source: Walking the Talk Make cultural diligence a priority to ensure that culture enables, rather than detracts from, merger success. These fundamentals, reinforced in content from earlier posts, are crucial in the strategy and early deal stages. Cultural Diligence: Make it a PriorityOriginal article

Indelible Mark

David PearlStreet Wisdom

I didn’t know Mark Adams for very long.  Not in earth years anyway.  Which is suprising, when I look back at the impact he had on me and on Street Wisdom. He bounded into my life in 2013 like the human development ‘tigger’ that he was…