The CFO: Your organisation's secret weapon for culture change

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Source: Walking the Talk HR has always appeared to be the natural home for the mechanics of leading culture change. In recent years, however, I’ve observed another human resource in the executive team. A person whose influence over culture is potentially the most powerful of all: The Chief Financial Officer. The CFO: Your organisation’s secret weapon for culture change

The Unseen Force That’s Shaping Your Culture Every Day

Beliefs, Culture leadership, Culture Management, Values

Source: Walking the Talk There’s a silent power within your organisation that’s quietly moulding the patterns of behaviour that will determine your culture. A survey probably won’t detect it, but identifying and shifting it will have a significant impact on performance. We’re not talking about values or behaviours here, but something far less universal and more specific to individual … Read More

Culture leadership: '2016 – the year Brazil should never forget.'

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Source: Walking the Talk 2016 was quite a year. Here in Brazil, there have been many comments over the last few weeks along the lines of “is 2016 over yet?” and “2017 can’t come any sooner!”. Now that January is here, the talk is that 2016 “is a year to be forgotten”. Culture leadership: ‘2016 – the year Brazil should … Read More