It was tremendously exciting to work with Louise to understand how powerful mindfulness can be in a work environment, as well as to hear about the scientific backing for something that has been helping people for centuries. I’ve had the privilege of attending two of Louise and her colleague’s 4 week Mindfulness courses, as well as doing some mindfulness-based coaching with Louise. I can say without a doubt that she has helped me to achieve unexpected success.

CEO, Financial Services 16th December 2016

I wanted to thank you for the webinar you presented yesterday ‘Survive to Thrive’ for EY. The webinar was pitched correctly for the audience with good background of yourself and context to your previous/current work with EY. The content was also good with good explanation of what mindfulness is and how it can help. The webinar was well attended (71) and all the feedback was positive and focused on how useful the session was.

Susie Gray Senior Manager - Employee Relations, EY 16th December 2016

Ashurst started working in partnership with Mindfulness at Work in August 2013, with the first 4 week MIN course being delivered in October 2013. We have always found everyone within the company to be of the highest professional standard, very experienced, understanding the genuine pressures of the business world from personal experience and that the training works and reaps results for people personally and as well as the firm. We won an legal industry award jointly for the best personal development programme for 2014.

Sara Brewer L&D Manager, Ashurst LLP 16th December 2016

As a strong believer in the importance of physical wellbeing, I found Louise’s session on mindfulness a fascinating insight into how important mental wellbeing is; especially against the challenges of technology and the pace of modern life. As an ex-banker myself, I found her personal experiences and journey particularly interesting and the session was a great mix of explanation and practical application.

Kate Lander Head of Education, EMEA, CFA Institute 16th December 2016

Louise’s session provided a gateway into an alternative way of experiencing the world and people around us in an approachable, accessible, and nonthreatening manner. In addition to providing balance to one’s own life and work, it lays the foundation for effective leadership that promotes conscious choices over reactive impulses and a purposeful work environment for effect teams.

Steve Horan Managing Director & Co-Lead, Education 16th December 2016

The Mindfulness at Work programme provided an invaluable and much needed oasis of calm amid our frenetic working routine. Its power lies in its simplicity, – the staff were surprised at the tangible and lasting benefits they felt from performing such simple steps. It also created subtle bonds between us, – a shared deeper experience that is not normally experienced in the workplace. The personal transformation has been subtle but very powerful; just this morning, several weeks after completing the programme, I found myself, eyes closed, ‘tuning in’ while filling up my car at the petrol station! I now look forward to the egg-timer or spinning colour wheel appearing on my computer screen, for these now serve as prompts for my 60-second practice. What a blessing to have been able to transform these daily annoyances into precious moments! Thank you!

Dr Mario Peters Founder and Principal, Oxford International College 16th December 2016

I have more balance in my life now and greater perspective taking too. My decisions are wiser. I create more value.

A S, Director, Financial Services Vice President, United Online Inc. 16th December 2016

We were really pleased with the 5-session course facilitated by Mindfulness at Work as an introduction to how the practice of Mindfulness can be a useful tool in managing ourselves in the workplace. It is relevant to all workplaces, but in a charity like Buttle UK, where staff are handling extremely sensitive and stressful information about people’s personal lives, it has provided a safe method for the management of stress, that can be shared openly with colleagues. It has led to the creation of a mindfulness support group.

Chief Executive, Buttle UK 16th December 2016

Thank you so much for a fantastic workshop. It was perfectly pitched for our group and everyone spoke so highly of both the content and yourself, you really were great! Your delivery was spot on and helped me get the buy in I was looking for to continue exploring mindfulness within our team and, in time, the wider business. Even the most sceptical among us can now see the benefits and are committing to making time to practice as an ongoing way of working.

British Distillery/Beverage Company Assistant Brand Manager 16th May 2019

A huge thank you for your time, energy and enthusiasm in yesterday’s training. To echo my words yesterday, it was evident you’d tailored the content for our high-achieving, potentially sceptical team to deliver a really high-quality session, thank you.

Social Enterprise Company Recruitment Manager 16th May 2019

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Free Mindfulness Exercise

Download our free 3-minute mindfulness practice and subscribe to our newsletter.


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