Beginner’s Mind




Mindfulness can help people to live superlative lives. In the workplace, by noticing our thinking, it helps us to realise that between stimulus and response there is the opportunity to choose. In the workplace, this can help to build teamwork, enhance creativity & communication and resolve conflict. By learning to be awake to someone else’s point of view it opens up a whole new area of problem solving and innovation. more...


People are much more able to thrive in the workplace and beyond, if they can remain focussed and objective, be responsive rather than reactive, show compassion to themselves and others as well as build trust through with their colleagues and other stakeholders. Mindfulness training can be such a helpful tool to enable people build these resources so that the 'doing' in their day becomes of greater quality more...


Being Mindful means making every moment count. Like sportsmen getting in the zone, by being completely present in the moment you can notice and disengage from rumination around past events or running scenarios into the future. Being Mindful helps you come off auto-pilot and shift up a gear, bringing wisdom and choice to all areas of your life. more...