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Mindfulness at Work Ltd is passionate about helping enable people and businesses to be more successful and happier. Working with highly respected mindfulness experts, Mindfulness at Work offers training programmes for the workplace – to make it a more productive, creative, fulfilling and enjoyable place to be.

The genesis of Mindfulness at Work Ltd was inspired by the founder’s experiences of the workplace and how the practices of mindfulness can enhance one’s business success as well as all areas of life.

Mindfulness at Work’s trainers have a wide-ranging experience of the corporate world. They bring this experience to their mindfulness training in the workplace – having had first-hand experience of the pressures of corporate life, they are particularly well-placed to teach mindfulness practices to busy people who would like to find further ways to improve their professional abilities and give themselves ‘the edge’.


Louise Chester – Founder and Managing Director

Louise first started practising mindfulness in 1994 when she was a Director at UBS Ltd. She found it helped her have balance in her life, while sustaining a pressured career in investment analysis and fund management, ultimately as Head of Research and then Global Head of Telecoms and Media for Dresdner RCM. Louise left the City in 2001 to establish a consultancy practice offering financial and strategic advice to business leaders both in the workplace and at Witherdens Hall, her award-winning, holistic Retreat in Kent. In 2010, she founded Mindfulness at Work Ltd. with the express intention of enabling people to easily access highly-effective mindfulness training, to enable them to create value and thrive not just in the workplace, but in all areas of their life.

Anne Loyd

Anne established her mindfulness practice 22 years ago and has subsequently undertaken many workshops, training and retreats focused on mindfulness based teachings. Originally from New Zealand and now based in London with her English husband, Anne is a fully accredited Coach (ACC), affiliated with the International Coach Federation. Prior to her coaching practice she worked as a marketing manager in both the private and corporate sectors where she established marketing divisions and set-up loyalty programmes.

Anne writes for the Huffington Post on women and women’s issues. She holds a Bachelor of Business Studies and is currently writing her first non-fiction book.

Elizabeth Newton photo

Elizabeth Newton – Client Relationship Director

Elizabeth is a Human Resources professional with extensive management, consulting and executive coaching experience. Her career includes senior organisational HR roles (Executive Director, HR, Head of Learning & Development and Head of Compensation & Benefits), senior interim HR management roles, consulting projects, and executive coaching assignments. She is experienced in managing people projects in a range of organisational contexts, both in the UK and internationally. Elizabeth started practising mindfulness in 2010 and realised the benefits that regular practice can bring to a busy professional life. In 2015, whilst in a talent development consultancy role, she decided to introduce mindfulness training into that financial services organisation. Having researched the market fully, Elizabeth decided that Mindfulness at Work were the perfect partner to deliver this. The program of group training, coaching and alumni development was a resounding success and one that Elizabeth could see had the potential to be replicated in other high-pressure work environments. She has joined MaW, therefore, to work with organisations to help them to successfully introduce mindfulness training to enable their staff to also experience its many and varied positive benefits. Elizabeth has a degree in Business, a Master’s degree in Manpower Studies and a postgraduate diploma in Leadership Mentoring and Executive Coaching. She is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development. In 2010 she was appointed as a Lay Member on the Employment Tribunal judging panel and sits on a variety of discrimination cases. Her voluntary work includes coaching long-term unemployed women back into the workplace and running a winter night shelter for homeless people.

Nick Buckley

Dr Nick Buckley – Development Director

With a grounding in philosophy and psychology, Nick’s professional career spans public administration, internet business and technology consultancy, market research and social media. He has worked with the UK Civil Service, Virgin Group, the BBC,, GfK and a wide range of organisations of all sizes and sectors. Over the last six years he has merged his commercial and academic interests by making mindfulness training effective and sustainable for the workplace. Nick holds a PhD in Philosophy.

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Barbara Boxhall

Barbara is our ‘go-to’ team member when we are stuck with a thorny personal or business issue that needs that extra bit of objective, caring insight. We are delighted to now be able to share Barbara’s incredible wisdom and compassion with you too, as Barbara has kindly made herself available for our clients – either through face-to-face or Skype meetings.

Barbara is a highly qualified Mindfulness trainer and Counsellor, with over 25 years of experience. She ‘walks her talk’ by integrating her training with the wide range of life skills she has accumulated. She is supervisor and mentor to Louise Chester, Director of Mindfulness at Work and supervises several of our accredited trainers.

She is the soft ‘meditation voice’ of Mindfulness at Work – having and written and recorded all the meditation practices for the Mindfulness at Work MiN programme.


Claire Woolston – Business Manager

Claire worked in many different roles for NatWest plc for several years before leaving to have her daughter. She then entered the Education Sector, and worked at a Kent based primary school for 12 years, supporting children with Special Educational Needs. She focused very much on their mental wellbeing, as well as enabling them to access the mainstream curriculum.

Claire became interested in mindfulness, and also discovered Mindfulness At Work, during a period of great challenge and undertook one-on-one training with Louise Chester, Founder of Mindfulness at Work, which had a huge impact on her life both professionally and personally.

Realising the huge benefits mindfulness can offer, she began to work with small groups of children at school but was keen to be more involved in the field.

Claire joined Mindfulness at Work in April 2016 and is thoroughly enjoying supporting the company by liaising with clients and ensuring that all of the ‘behind the scenes’ administration is mindfully achieved for all projects.

In the future, Claire would also like to train to deliver the Mindfulness In Schools Project curriculum, to add this to her many other skills and to deliver their programme as part of Mindfulness at Work’s Education offering.


Dr Clara Seeger

Dr. Clara Seeger is a Mindfulness and Neuroleadership coach, corporate facilitator, speaker and author with an MSc in Neuroscience and Mindfulness, specialising in facilitating positive change through Mindfulness, applied Neuroscience and Emotional Intelligence. Oxford-educated and with a PhD from King’s College London, she worked in Investment Banking before retraining as a coach. Clara works with international companies across many sectors and countries, delivering mindfulness interventions, neuroscience-based leadership development, executive coaching and brain-based coach training to help clients successfully navigate change whilst maximising focus, productivity and wellbeing.

Clara has developed her own mindfulness-based coaching methodology and is passionate about introducing the benefits and neuroscience of mindfulness to the corporate world, both theoretically and practically. She is the author of Mindfulness At Work In A Week: Learn To Be Mindful In Seven Simple Steps (Hachette UK, 2016), a practical and neuroscience-based introduction to mindfulness for the workplace. Her previous book Investing in Meaning – An Alternative Approach to Leveraging your Portfolio (Completely Novel, 2012), is a coaching book for helping professionals maximise their sense of meaning at work.

Julie Stannard

Julie has a BA honours degree from Lancaster University and has a wide ranging background of over 20 years working in central and local government organisations developing and implementing policy and legislation. Previous employers include the Home Office, Kent Police and Wealden District Council. She has well developed communication skills; delivering training to Councillors, staff and public, presenting reports to Council Committees, representing at working groups, professional bodies and committees, and being a professional witness for the Local Authority in Court.

Julie is a qualified British Wheel of Yoga teacher and has been involved in teaching Mindfulness-based practices since 2005. She set up her own business in 2007 and teaches Mindfulness courses, private yoga classes, individual tuition and development, workshops and retreats in the UK and abroad. Julie has been delivering ‘Health in the Workplace’ training, working closely with a local employer for a number of years, using Mindfulness practices to both alleviate stress and develop employee performance.


Pamela Major – Head of Coaching

Pamela has had a substantial and varied career as a diplomat, occupying senior leadership roles in the Foreign & Commonwealth Office and living and working overseas in Beijing, Moscow and Berlin. Her interpersonal skills helped establish her reputation as a valued diplomatic contact and a respected and sympathetic manager. She began specialising in human resources in 1995, and her last post in the FCO was as Head of Coaching.  She also has wide experience in training and development, assessment, recruitment and diversity and is a trained interviewer.

Pamela has practised yoga and meditation since her late teens. She also has a long-standing interest in neuroscience. With mindfulness, Pamela brings these together in a fascinating, coherent and practical way, which has brought benefits to every area of her life. She is keen to make similar benefits accessible to others in her association with Mindfulness at Work: she has delivered the Mindfulness is Now programme to dozens of workplaces, led workshops and immersion weekends and given talks in her speciality area of mindfulness and the emotions. Pamela has completed the Oxford Mindfulness Centre master classes in Enquiry, Groups in Mindfulness-Based Teaching, and Teaching Mindfulness in Non-Clinical Settings. Pamela also introduces mindfulness extensively in her coaching work.

Pamela holds a BA in Modern Languages (Russian and French); MA in Employment Law and Labour Relations; CPCC from the Coaches Training Institute; Associated Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation; Member of the Association for Coaching; Myers-Briggs Type Indicator; FIRO-B Instrument. She has fluent German and French, working Russian and rudimentary Mandarin.

Jane Grafton photo

Jane Grafton

Jane has worked with workplace mindfulness since 2003. She is British, has been based in Singapore since 2000, has trained and coached a wide range of professionals in Asia Pacific, USA, South Africa, India, Europe and UK. Jane is also a Senior Mindfulness Trainer and Coach with The Potential Project Singapore and was the first Corporate-Based Mindfulness Trainer in Asia Pacific. In 2013 she established The Mindfulness Professionals Network Singapore at The Singapore Management University. Jane’s background is in project management, training and development, HR Management and Leadership. She spent 4 years with the British Council in Singapore as a Corporate Trainer, 6 years as a Registrar with The John Lewis Partnership in UK and 16 years in the British Army retiring as a Major in 1994. Jane also has connections and trained with The Mindfulness-Based Mind Fitness Institute (MMFT), an American Institute specialising in Mindfulness-Based Mind Fitness Training for the Military & Emergency Services.

Jo Shanahan photo

Jo Shanahan

Jo has a BA honours degree and a postgraduate teaching qualification. She has an established teaching background as a school teacher in West Sussex and at a University and in language schools in Australia, Portugal, Poland and Thailand. Previous employers have included Hays PLC and Ealing and Harrow local authorities. Jo has a long standing mindfulness practice and in 2012, being passionate about bringing these skills into schools, began training with the Mindfulness in Schools Project. Jo is trained to deliver Mindfulness at Work’s proprietary corporate-based Mindfulness programme (MiN), as well as the Mindfulness in Schools .b (11 to 18 year olds), Paws b (7 to 11 year olds) and .b Foundations (school staff). As well as training for the workplace, Jo has delivered mindfulness courses in primary and secondary schools, in both the state and independent sectors, to children, adolescents, school staff and to parents. Jo has undertaken teacher training with Bangor University and also delivers the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) course to adults.

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Dr Stuart Baker

Stuart spent 20 years in large corporate firms before leaving to focus on developing others full-time and bring mindfulness to a wider audience.  He currently balances a range of working environments: as a psychologist in the NHS and a private City clinic and as a transformational coach and mindfulness trainer. He initially qualified as an economist and later took an Executive MBA, working in large international corporates in the advertising, publishing, banking and insurance sectors, across a wide range of senior management roles in relationship management, business development, marketing, strategy, organisational development and consulting.



Alison Armstrong

Alison Armstrong has spent many years practising mindfulness, meditation, and yoga.  She has completed extensive psychological research on mindfulness to PhD level, which specifically enabled her to understand the benefits and processes involved when learning mindfulness.

She has conducted training in teaching mindfulness, and has taught many general and clinical groups. Prior to her academic and teaching work with mindfulness, Alison was an engineer, working in the aerospace industry in the UK and USA. She had design, analytical, support, sales and managerial roles over a 10 year period, and worked in large and small companies.

Sonia Grover

Sonia has a 30 year track record in customer care and project management. She has a long standing blue-chip industry track record and pedigree having worked for most of her career within some of the UK’s largest and most successful FM service companies including Securicor, ISS, Initial, Hays and Serco. Her background is in customer service management and development and she was instrumental in implementing major partnerships such as Nottingham BC, Dover Harbour board, BT, Telewest and Royal Mail. She also spent 6 years working in the IT Industry and so has a good working knowledge of application design.

Within her consultancy development role, she not only manages end to end project management but also delivers training for the relevant applications. Sonia holds a diploma in Management Studies, and has undergone extensive training and development modules such as a Harvard Business School management course.

Sonia has been involved in teaching Mindfulness-based practices since 2004. She set up her own business in 2004 and teaches Mindfulness based courses, healing, and individual tuition and development, and Conscious Living workshops in the UK and abroad.

Mike grindle photo greyscale

Mike Grindle

Mike has a background in Finance and Sales Management. He has held Pan-European leadership roles in the Financial Capital Markets industry where he has led teams in the front -office of some of the world’s leading banking institutions, including JP Morgan, Chase Manhattan and Societe Generale.  He has wide experience of leading and managing teams in complex, high-pressure and results driven environments and first-hand experience of the importance of maintaining high performance, whilst maintaining balance and well-being in such circumstances. More recently Mike has been CEO of a successful consulting, training and coaching business in the City. He is also a qualified Chartered Accountant.

Mike is an accredited Professional Executive Coach, Mindfulness Trainer and Teacher. He completed his training with the Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice, Bangor University and continues to follow their Continuing Personal and Professional Development Programme. Mike is a long term Mindfulness practitioner which he originally came to through his interest and practice in yoga. He has found his Mindfulness practice to be a great personal resource and an underpinning to his work as an Executive Coach.

He has a particular interest in working with organisations to develop the awareness and attention skills of their employees through the practice of Mindfulness; using these skills as a base to improving performance and developing more effective leadership through the cultivation of Emotional Intelligence. In this respect, he is a qualified practitioner of the Leadership psychometric, the Emotional Capital Report, and a coach of the related Emotional Intelligence competencies.


Dr. Ann-Marie Golden

Dr. Ann-Marie Golden, B.Sc., M.Sc., Ph.D., C.Psychol., C.Sci., AFBPsS, EuroPsy

Ann-Marie has worked in a range of academic/lecturing, research, medical/health and private settings with multinational teams (UK, Europe, Canada, USA, Australia & Middle East) and diverse populations from different backgrounds and psychosocial needs.

Ann-Marie is a Chartered Health Psychologist (BPS), Registered Practitioner Psychologist (HCPC), Chartered Scientist (The Science Council) and Mindfulness / Compassion facilitator with 15 years of clinical and research experience. She has a B.Sc. in Psychology & Counselling at the Roehampton Institute (University of Surrey), M.Sc. in Health Psychology at the University College London and her Ph.D. was undertaken in Cambridge on the topic of cognitive, emotional and health factors of complicated grief.

For 11 years, she has worked at the Medical Research Council Cognition and Brain Sciences (MRC CBSU) in Cambridge.  In addition to Mindfulness at Work, Ann-Marie offers therapy, consultancy and supervision services in mindfulness and compassion-related projects, research and clinical work with an intention of exploring awareness, presence, willingness, acceptance and self-compassion.

She has helped create and manage the Cambridge Clinical Research Centre in Affective Disorders (C2:AD) which is a partnership between the Medical Research Council Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit (MRC CBSU), Cambridgeshire and Peterborough NHS Foundation Trust (CPFT) and the University of Cambridge.

When she is not working Ann-Marie enjoys spending time with her family, travelling, running and dancing Argentinian tango and ballet. She also volunteers for various charities around the world and works with individuals and groups that have been involved in war/civilian related events.


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Dr Julia Ronder

Dr Julia Ronder MBBS BSc MRCPsych MD

Julia trained as a medical doctor at University College Hospital Medical School, London. During her time at medical school she also studied for an Intercalated BSc degree in Psychology.  She subsequently specialised in child and adolescent psychiatry at Guys and St Thomas’s Hospitals (SE Thames Higher Specialist Training Scheme). She has an MD in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome in Adolescence with the University of London.

Julia worked as a consultant at Priory Ticehurst House for 12 years.  In 2007, Dr Ronder took up an NHS post in the community with East Kent Hospitals University NHS Foundation Trust. Roles have included lead child and adolescent psychiatrist, and co-lead of the DBT service.

She is currently working part-time as a consultant in Community Paediatrics in a neurodevelopmental clinic, in the Department of Child Health. She has just completed the first ever Transformational Clinical Leadership Programme with the Trust, looking at culture change.

Julia has practised meditation since her late teens. She taught mindfulness to adolescents for 12 years as part of a DBT programme for self-harming adolescents. She is also the co-ordinator of the Kent group of the Janki Foundation, which runs regular silent retreats for healthcare practitioners.

Julia is a trained Mindful Self-Compassion (MSC) Teacher with the Center for Mindful Self-Compassion. She is passionate about the MSC model as a means of learning to manage emotions, and develop inner resilience.


Judith Underhill

Judith is a mindfulness practitioner as well as a commercially focused and customer orientated Executive Coach, facilitator and consultant with a broad and varied experience from a range of industry sectors.

Judith is experienced in working with executives and senior managers and her areas of expertise lie in her in depth knowledge of organisational change and her ability to work in a collaborative way, to help build highly motivated individuals and teams using an empathetic and intuitive approach with a firm focus on professionalism and effectiveness. Judith holds an MSc in Change Agent Skills and Strategies from the University of Surrey as well as a Diploma in Performance Coaching, NLP Business Practitioner, and CIPD Certificate in Training practice and is an ILM accredited facilitator and trainer. She has been an executive coach in the NHS since 2009, coaching CEO, Executive Directors, Chair and CCG leads and has recently been reselected to continue with this work. She is also on the coaching faculties of Northumbria University, University of Central Lancashire and coaches within Nottingham University, which incorporates coaching by skype on the China and Malaysia campuses. She is a coach accredited by the Association for Professional coaches and supervisors (APECS) and has been appointed as a Guest lecturer at Cambridge University.

Judith is currently researching Mindful Leadership in order to complete a Professional Doctorate through Bournemouth University.

Anna Kane photo

Anna Kane

Anna brings years of experience with her personal Mindfulness practice and facilitating corporate training and development workshops. As a Chartered Occupational Psychologist for the last 10 years, Anna has experience working with both public, private and third sector organisations across a range of industries. She has worked extensively with the Foreign Office and other client work includes HSBC, NHS, EDF Energy, University of Manchester, GSK and Friends of the Earth. She completed her Mindfulness Teacher Training at Bangor University. She is now studying for a Masters degree in Mindfulness and Compassion with Aberdeen University. Anna is also an experienced registered Coaching Psychologist. Her first degree is in Behavioural Science and she also holds a MSc in Occupational and Organisational Psychology.

Meredith Gunderson 2

Meredith Gunderson

Meredith graduated from the University of Colorado Boulder with a degree in Art History and discovered mindfulness in 1997 while living and working in London.  Meredith went on to develop a career in the US and UK working as an independent curator, lecturer and collections and philanthropy advisor with partners and clients including The University of the Arts London, The American Embassy, The Garden Museum, Mayor of London and the Prince of Wales Charity Arts & Business. In 2013 after sixteen rewarding years in the cultural sector, Meredith trained to become a yoga and mindfulness instructor which she now does full time.  Meredith has an inspiring teaching style and is dedicated to improving the wellbeing of her clients

Mel Shinton

Mel Shinton

Melanie regularly delivers mindfulness training courses and runs a regular meditation group in Edinburgh. Her recent assignments include the BBC and Johnson & Johnson. She has a professional and personal interest in the role of compassion, insight and wisdom and how these can be developed and accessible to everyone.

She gained her Bachelor of Nursing in Sydney, and then went on to complete her Masters in Critical Care Nursing. She has a twenty-year nursing career and has seen the effects that stress has on the human body. This is the main motivation that drives her passion for teaching others about mindfulness. Mel is accredited to deliver the Mindfulness Association’s Mindfulness Based Living course as well as Mindfulness at Work’s programme. She is currently also completing her MSc in Mindfulness Studies with the University of Aberdeen.

Wheezie Cottrell

Wheezie Cottrell

Wheezie has a joint honours BSc in Speech Pathology and Psychology from Newcastle Upon Tyne University. She is a longstanding mindfulness practitioner and is joining us to look at support our mindfulness in education initiatives. She is a qualified Speech and Language Therapist and is Head of Special Educational Needs at a leading prep school in Kent. She has worked extensively in both the health and education sectors. She is a paws.b mindfulness teacher and is passionate about introducing mindfulness into our schools. Wheezie has excellent communication skills and has delivered training to teachers, health professionals, parents and children.

Adrian Wright image

Adrian Wright

Adrian Wright BA (Hons) worked as a finance event manager in the City of London with banking and insurance clients such as Dresdner Kleinwort Benson, Nomura and Guardian Royal Exchange. He is well versed in the pressures and stresses that come with a City-based career.
He then left the City to complete his English degree and trained to teach English in the secondary and FE sector. He led a large curriculum team with over ten members of staff delivering twelve courses to over one thousand students.
Adrian discovered mindfulness meditation some years ago. Since then, he has deepened his practice through Oxford and Bangor University Mindfulness Teacher Training courses, Zen meditation, Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), Interpersonal Meditation, and The Mindfulness in Schools Project courses for teachers and students. He recently left the education sector in order to focus full time on practising and teaching mindfulness. He delivers workshops and courses in the education and corporate sector from Mindfulness at Work MiN programmes to Taster Talks to hundreds of members of staff.