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A coach’s job is to help clients to see clearly what they want, to believe they can achieve it and to eliminate obstacles in their way. Our Mindfulness at Work coaches are all professionally accredited and have experience in doing this at every level, with corporate clients in organisations and with individuals in life coaching.

Mindful Coaching adds a whole new dimension. Our coaches are also accredited Mindfulness at Work trainers. Working with them, you reach a deeper understanding of the issue on which you want coaching and greater clarity about how much you can change things.

You will learn mindfulness practices and techniques tailored to your situation, which you can take away and apply in the workplace or elsewhere in your life. With your coach you will build a flexible and enduring resource which gives you greater calm, focus and perspective. With this new perspective you can face challenges and solve problems with a higher degree of insight and effectiveness. What you thought was a limitation you had to live with can disappear as your perspective shifts over time.

Our coaches embody a mindful approach, which creates space for you to look at things afresh and free yourself from habitual patterns of thought. The impact of Mindful Coaching goes far beyond the coaching programme.

We invite you to have a conversation with our Head of Coaching, Pamela Major, to discuss your specific needs. We will design a programme to meet these and propose the coach we feel is best suited to deliver it for you. To get an idea of the expertise we have available, you can view our coach biographies here.

Pamela Major CPCC, ACC

Head of Coaching, Mindfulness at Work

A professional certified coach and a member of the International Coach Federation, Pamela runs her business as a coach, trainer and consultant in London. She has wide experience in training and development, assessment, recruitment and delivering change. She is qualified as a Firework Career Coach and works with their 9-12 week programme; is trained in the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and FIRO-B Instrument; and is an accredited mindfulness trainer with Mindfulness at Work.

In her previous role as Head of Coaching in the Foreign & Commonwealth Office, Pamela worked with senior diplomats world-wide. Her typical clients now include people facing transition of all kinds, particularly multiple changes – in location, job, life circumstances – which impact on one another; those looking to change career or direction but unsure how to do it; women seeking to combine their challenging careers with motherhood; and executives who love their job but want it to take less toll on the rest of their life – and them.

Pamela has proven her ability to enhance individuals’ personal impact and performance within a complex international organisation. She works creatively with clients to help them discover and harness the personal resource they have to achieve their goals. She combines her coaching skills with the benefits of her own mindfulness practice, enabling her to work at a deep level, using mindfulness techniques to give clients stress-management tools which they can apply in the workplace and developing their confidence to deal with major challenges in innovative ways.

Pamela has a degree in modern languages (Russian and French) and spent 26 fascinating years as a diplomat, living and working overseas. She is used to operating in challenging environments requiring discretion and high levels of integrity. She speaks good German and French, working Russian and rudimentary Mandarin. She has a passionate interest in drama which is, she believes, another way of reflecting on ourselves. Theatre-going (and some theatre-doing!) is her absorbing leisure activity.


Anne Loyd ACC

Anne Loyd is a professional certified coach and a member of the International Coaching Federation. She has her own practice as a life and business coach with clients in the UK, America, Switzerland and New Zealand. She is also a mindfulness trainer with Mindfulness at Work, has practiced mindfulness and meditation for the last 22 years and also delivers her own mindfulness programmes.

Anne specialises in coaching women business managers and entrepreneurs who experience business and life challenges or opportunities. Typical clients include busy managers who are managing complex cultural and process change, women who are planning a career transition, executives looking at promotion opportunities and business owners who want to drive their business forward.

Often clients want to redefine their business vision or goals, and to align their performance with their personal or corporate objectives. while striking the right work-life balance.

Anne’s clients also come from beyond the corporate world and have recently included actors, designers, artists and others with creative backgrounds. She has helped a wide variety of clients develop a deeper understanding of their true potential and to realise that they often have within them everything they need to achieve success.

Anne has a Bachelor of Business Studies and, prior to qualifying as a professional coach in the USA, worked as a Marketing Manager in both the public and private sectors. Having been coached herself she is an enthusiastic advocate of the profound and life changing impact coaching can have on a business and personal life.

With a love of writing and a natural creative flair, Anne has a personal blog and is writing her first non-fiction book. Originally from New Zealand, she now lives in London where she continues her passion for helping clients to flourish and live happy and fulfilling lives.

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Barbara Boxhall B.A. Hons. MBACP

Wise Counsel

Barbara is our ‘go-to’ team member when we are stuck with a thorny personal or business issue that needs that extra bit of objective, caring insight. We are delighted to now be able to share Barbara’s incredible wisdom and compassion with you too, as Barbara has kindly made herself available for our clients – either through face-to-face or Skype meetings.

Barbara is a highly qualified Mindfulness trainer and Counsellor, with over 25 years of experience. She ‘walks her talk’ by integrating her training with the wide range of life skills she has accumulated. She is supervisor and mentor to Louise Chester, Director of Mindfulness at Work and supervises several of our accredited trainers.

She is the soft ‘meditation voice’ of Mindfulness at Work – having written and recorded many of the meditation practices for the Mindfulness at Work MiN programme



Mindful Self Compassion Foundation – currently in training

Diploma in Mindfulness Studies, including Mindfulness, Compassion, Insight and Wisdom, Aberdeen University. 2012 – 2015. Currently studying for an MSc in Mindfulness Studies Aberdeen University.

16 month Mindfulness teacher training, Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction and Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy, Institute of Mindful Based Approaches, Dublin, Ireland 2011 – 2012

Embodied Presence training internationally with Mike Boxhall 2004 – present

Diploma in Psychodynamic Counselling 1991 – 1994

Founder and Director of Duncton Mill Retreat Centre 2004 – 2009, #1 of the Guardian’s best retreat centres in the world

Head of Art, Ford Open Prison 1991 – 2003


“I was introduced to Barbara by Mindfulness at Work in January 2015. The coaching programme was conducted entirely on Skype. Barbara has helped me learn about mindfulness from scratch and how it can be applied to a busy working and home schedule. She has also been a great sounding board for all my worries. She uses Skype to great effect, allowing you to see that she is listening to you by looking you straight in the eye (not easy on Skype). She also conducts meditations very well on this medium, managing to carry the right sense of place and a peaceful environment. I would recommend her to anyone without Skype but she is particularly effective with it, and it makes life much easier”.

E.C., Kent (CEO, Global Beverages Company).


 “Barbara’s teaching of simple breathing and meditation exercises (as part of the session), which can be done anywhere at any time, are a tremendous benefit which I still use regularly. Her approach is grounded and no-nonsense and leaves you with a great context to tackle the day-to-day issues which assault us all.
She was a life-saver in a difficult time but the legacy of my months of counselling with her lives on years later and the techniques we explored remain in use daily”. J. H. Sussex


Mike Grindle

Mike is an Executive Coach, mindfulness trainer and teacher of the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) programme.

Having spent a varied career spanning Investment Banking, Chartered Accountancy and, more recently, as CEO of his own co-founded City-based Consultancy, he has a wide range of experience on working, managing and leading within the corporate environment. He draws on this experience in his role as an Executive Coach and as a mindfulness trainer and coach with Mindfulness at Work Ltd.

He has a fundamental belief in the importance of Emotional Intelligence for success in the workplace and the key role that mindfulness plays in its development. He is inspired by coaching business leaders to develop their mindfulness and EQ skills and, to support this, is an approved user of the Roche Martyn ECR Leadership psychometric and a coach of the related competencies.

He is fascinated with the developments in mindfulness, neuroscience and Emotional Intelligence and keeps current through reading avidly, training widely and practicing regularly. As a result he is able to keep his coaching current, challenging and rewarding whilst underpinning it very much by his own personal mindfulness practice.

Mike is accredited at “Professional Executive Coach” level with the Association for Coaching and trained as an MBSR teacher with the Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice, Bangor University.


Judith Underhill APECS

Judith is an experienced trainer, facilitator and qualified Executive Coach, with over 20 years’ experience as a leader in the public and private sectors. Her strong business background is complimented with her own mindfulness practice. She works as an Executive Coach for the NHS, coaching CEOs, Chairs and leaders of the new CCGs. She is also on the coaching faculties of Calderdale Council and Nottingham University, and coaches within the Colleges of Cambridge University. She also coaches in the finance sector, construction sector and manufacturing sector.

She is accredited by the Association for Professional Coaches and Supervisors and has recently been appointed as a Guest Lecturer at Cambridge University.

Judith holds an MSc in Change Agent Skills and Strategies from the University of Surrey as well as a Diploma in Performance Coaching, NLP Business Practitioner, and CIPD Certificate in Training practice and is an ILM accredited facilitator and trainer.

She is an associate member of the CIPD and is qualified to deliver the DISC profiling tool, Belbin team roles, and 360 Degree feedback for Right Management leadership qualities framework. She is also Chair of the Cambridge Chamber of Commerce HR Forum and is currently undertaking a Professional Doctorate with Bournemouth University researching how mindful practices can aid compassionate leadership.

Judith creates strong relationships with clients and uses these to help them develop their own practice. She has a wide experience with teams and individuals across the public and private sectors along with a clear knowledge of organizational change and its significance for individual leaders.

Judith also has a strong commitment to continuing professional development.